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A 2021 Pandemic Company


Are you fine dining?
We are not, but are committed to using locally sourced and premium ingredients, and we believe in making all our food.  No box to plate living here.
Do I need a reservation?
Need is a Strong word.  We take reservations so to be sure we have acailability please text us your reservation and we'll save you a seat.  We have 2 long bars to accommodate walk ins and are always working to be the place to drop in for a quick course.
Are you a wine bar?
We are a wine and more bar featuring craft cocktails and an eclectic beer & cider menu.
Can we book out the space for a private party?
You sure can.  We prefer our closed days but will work with you.  SUndays are set aside for private functions.
Do you serve lunch?
Coming this SUmmer
Is there going to be live music?
We're working on it.
Will you cater?
We will!


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