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Originally from Creston, Ryan has lived throughout Southern BC while working in every facet of hospitality from fine dining to neighbourhood pubs.

This experience framed his vision of a restaurant and formed the plan for

Biscuit:  A Place to Sup

A casual and friendly place to share a meal with friends that has the simplicity of a pub environment coupled with the quality ingredients of fine dining.


Our goal is to offer an ever-changing menu catering to those with a sense of adventure and the desire to constantly try something new. 


As our menus change and we strive to keep things interesting we are giving our patrons access to the special ingredients we source and the products you wish you could try at home. 


From salts to cocktail kits to house-made condiments & custom hot sauce we will work to always have something new for you to take home.

Wine Club

Starting November 2021 we will be offering introductory sign-ups for our recurring wine club.

Inclusion will give you invites to our new product salons and access to our wholesale buying subscriptions where we will constantly work to bring in new and fun products from around the world.

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